a place for those who’ve lost a partner to find community

Widowhood is lonely. But you don't have to go through it alone.

We know you feel alone, because we feel alone, too. But you deserve a community that gets it.

How To Find Us

✨Join the Community

Use our invite link to set up your account on Discord. Don't be intimidated; it's as easy as a Facebook group (but better).

✨Introduce Yourself

Follow our simple prompts to introduce yourself to other widows in the group, and scroll through to see who's already in the community.

✨You're In!

Voila! Join the conversation or start your own when you need it. The Widows Lost & Found community is just one message away.

What to Expect from Widows Lost & Found

✅ Talk with people who get it.

✅ Meet people who've been through what you've been through, without the awkward coffee dates.

✅ See who's online and available to talk any time, including 2 am when you can't sleep.

✅ Take part in meaningful connections and relationships without leaving your couch.