a place for those who’ve lost a partner to find community

Widowhood is lonely. But you don't have to go through it alone.

We know you feel alone, because we feel alone, too. But you deserve a community that gets it

How To Find Us

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Use our invite link to set up your account on Discord. Don't be intimidated; it's as easy as a Facebook group (but better). 

✨Introduce Yourself

Follow our simple prompts to introduce yourself to other widows in the group, and scroll through to see who's already in the community.

✨You're In! 

Voila! Join the conversation or start your own when you need it. The Widows Lost & Found community is just one message away. 

What to Expect from Widows Lost & Found

✅ Talk with people who get it.

✅ Meet people who've been through what you've been through, without the awkward coffee dates.

✅ See who's online and available to talk any time, including 2 am when you can't sleep.

✅ Take part in meaningful connections and relationships without leaving your couch. 

Widows Lost & Found is providing a safe space for widows like you.

It’s the only version of social media I can handle these last few months. WL&F is a safe place where everyone is understanding and supportive without judgement. I felt completely alone before I found this and anything to feel a little less lost is all I can ask for these days. Thank you so much for creating this outlet.

Widow, East Coast

Finding a group of people who are going through what I'm going through has helped me so much. These people are so kind and became a big part of my life since the day I joined WL&F. It's a safe place to talk and judgement is never placed. I'm so thankful for this group. 

Hailey, Ontario

Putting into words how WL&F has impacted me is very hard because it is like asking how a tree impacts one's life. I live my day to day for good or bad, but because of the existence of trees (WL&F) I am able to breathe, to see the beauty in the sadness which has now become my reality. Seeing each branch on the tree representing a widow, widower, or griever who provides shade and refuge from the weather is comforting. I hope that I have provided a little bit of that same comfort to someone because this lost world we have found ourselves in would be uninhabitable without the trees.

Jason, Chicago


Widows Lost & Found has helped me feel less alone in my grieving. Although I'm not legally a widow, I feel completely accepted and welcomed.

Widow, Maryland

Finding WL&F after suddenly losing my husband in Nov 2021 has helped me see that we all grieve differently and at our own pace, but we are all there for each other. Whether it be a supportive comment, a story, or simply something to make me smile or laugh when I need it most, I know I can come to this community: a community no one wants to join at any age, but a community that is always there for each other.

Jessica, New Jersey